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Sustainable #PashminaDialogue (#SPD) is a novel series of round table discussions (Virtual & Physical) aiming to build a sustainable platform for authentic Pashmina Heritage of India and the World. The Dialogue is inspired through the “Look East, Link West” policy of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. SPD spreads across countries having brought under one roof leading thinkers across multiple domains including Government Representatives, Policy Makers, Luxury Brand Founders, Art Connoisseurs, Technology Experts, Impact Fund Managers, Management Consultants, Climate Change Experts, Wildlife Experts and Global Trade Bodies to collectively create a solution transforming vulnerable cultural heritage of authentic Pashmina into a Sustainable, Entrepreneurial, Contemporary and Robust Livelihood means for the community. Sustainable #PashminaDialogue aims to deliver on its key strategic objectives to

  • Disrupt contemporary Authentic handmade Pashmina industry to ensure that, equitable and sustainable business model leads the market.
  • Develop unique and compelling platforms to promote and strengthen the global recognition of Authentic Luxury Indian Pashmina.
  • To position authentic handmade sustainable luxury Pashmina of Jammu and Kashmir, India as a leader in Handmade Luxury segment globally.



We are a group of passionate thinkers who are deeply invested in sustainability, culture & peace

We are a small group working to build a voice for the vulnerable community of one million ace crafts persons and shepherds in Himalayas. The story of #Pashmina is also the story of many more cultural crafts and heritage in different parts of the world on the verge of extinction at the hands of fake, mechanization and cheap production, robbing the creations of their essence. We together stand against these challenges.

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We are constantly sensitizing and building a global thought leadership for sustainable luxury pashmina

and sharing the stories of this eco-system with the world. We are a disruptive approach that is poised to create opportunities of dignified livelihood for this community in Himalayas.

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We are committed for life to preserving, enhancing and re-imagining the authentic handmade luxury Pashmina

Eco-System of #LadakhPashmina #KashmirPashmina #BhasoliPashmina #IndiaPashmina #HimalayanPashmina

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Sustainable Pashmina Dialogue

With Sustainable #PashminaDialogue (#SPD) we are going Global. In the past, #PashminaDialogue has successfully collaborated with multiple states, government representatives, policy makers, industrialists, fashion designers, environment experts and many more domain specialists to achieve positive outcomes for the Pashmina Community.

In 2020, we took the Sustainable #PashminaDialogue to New Delhi and then to London, and are planning the next series 2021 and 2022 for New York, Milan, Germany, Monaco, France and more locations that are the culture, fashion, sustainability and power capitals of the world and homes of heritage, innovation and thought leadership. We aim to create a unique experience to walk the audience through the journey of Pashmina, right from Himalayas to the luxury destinations of the world.

An amalgamation of these dialogues and showcases, this event series is the first ever initiative to create a Global Heritage Community and exchange culture and heritage insights while solving the global challenges for heritage and crafts around the world. The dialogue is a platform that brings the most talented of the world onto one table and binds them to one purpose which is #SustainablePashmina










Event Components

Event Components

We believe in the power of dialogue, art and culture to seek solutions and bring the story of Pashmina to the world through:

  • Round Table Discussions
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Contemporary Pashmina Art Display and Auction
  • Antique Pashmina Showcase
  • Invest India Pitch
  • Technology Engagements
  • Visual journey of Pashmina through Documentary Screenings
  • Call for Elite patronage and Volunteer Program to induce Responsible Buying
  • Showcase of Success Stories in preserving Heritage through Entrepreneurship

Who's Speaking?

Our journey this far has blessed us with expertise and support of distinguished personalities and speakers from the Government of India, Government of Jammu & Kashmir, Honourable Ambassadors of Multiple Countries, Industrialists, Investors, Erstwhile Royalties, Luxury Brands, Fashion Designers, Thinkers, Academicians, Environmentalists, Ecology Scientists, Financial Institutions, Media Houses and Art Connoisseurs who have graced and supported #PashminaDialogue. They have rendered patronage and voice to the under-represented and exploited Pashmina community. Our speakers, come from all across the world offering a global, multi-dimensional perspective. Please keep visiting this website for checking our line-ups.

Founder Conscious Fashion Campaign

Kerry Bannigan

Founder AlphaBlock

Mukul Pal



CEO World Wide Generation


Founder #WhoMadeMyPashmina

Dr. Henna Anjum

Founder #PashminaGoatProject

Dr. Babar Afzal


This is the strategic engagement for sustainability and shared value for the authentic  sustainable luxury pashmina eco-system of Himalayas. Issues are selected with clear, measurable targets and goals. Having clearly defined objectives are fundamental to designing an effective strategy and delivering impact. This is the main component of the event which is triggered by presenting  an issue to the speaker and the host asks relevant questions. Then ideas and sample scenarios are considered and shared and suggestions and experiences that relate to the issue is put into workable action steps.

An MoU memorandum of understanding is a formal agreement between organizations that is signed between ‘#PashminaGoatProject  and the Country Partners for different micro-initiatives of the #PashminaGoatPRoject. This is the establishment of the official partnerships. These MOUs are not legal bindings but carry a degree of seriousness and mutual respect for sustainability and a common framework for action towards a Positive Planet.

In order to develop an appropriate community engagement strategy our Buffett and Networking sessions (Only for our Physical Events) create lasting bonds between the speakers and attendees. This is perfect arrangement for informal learning, interactions and sharing.

Films are more than purely entertainment; they spark ideas, discussions and interest. #PashminaGoatProject is constantly partnering with film makers to build up its own set of issues that need urgent attention. It is to present passionate issues that slip under the radar or never get the attention they deserve. This is also to build a global community of people who share common interest together and opens up a host of possibilities for joining for execution of impact projects, creating awareness, PR, Fundraising, Support and Education.

It is believed that unstitched woollen wraps on the shoulders were already being used for warmth some 3500 years ago. It is roughly the age of the “Mohenjo Daro” civilization. “Buddha”, along with his disciples, is also shown in elegant drapes in most of the depictions. Some Textual references show that goat-pashm shawls were already in use as luxury textiles in Iran and Syria during the 1st millennium. References indicate that Kashmir had already defined itself as the source of fine wools in the early 14th century. Connecting the Kashmiri tradition with the shawl industry, Zain-ul-Abid in 1540 is the first King who’s credited with laying the foundation of the Pashmina industry. He invited weavers from far-flung regions to settle here and train the local craftspeople to create masterpieces. #PashminaGoatProject with its generational Pashmina master craftsmen and women showcases rare and antique Pashmina which has been preserved from centuries and has passed from one generation to the next and is a representation of the luxury craftsmanship of the region.


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Policy & Sustainability

Florence Raja



Fashion & UNSDGs

Kerry Bannigan





Tech & Innovation


frequently asked questions

How many guests will be invited?

The event is not based on volume, but on the quality of attendance. We are looking to attract a good mix of meaningful speakers and attendees in every Virtual and Offline Event.

We would like to know when and where the event will be promoted?

A comprehensive, multifaceted Public Relations campaign targeting a range of stakeholders is already being planned. The platform is being promoted in English via all major social media networks that will have quick access for immediate distribution of photographic and editorial coverage.

Do you have an Advisory Council. What is the role of the Members of the Board ?

SPD will be an annual extravaganza that will be guided by the 30 handpicked members of the #PashminaGoatProject Global Advisory Council (GAC) being formed with just one underlying principle – our members understand the power of heritage and sustainable luxury in all its dimensions. They are extremely valued and are selected individuals from various walks of life such as Policy, Arts, Sustainability, Fashion, Media, Films, Business, Impact, PR, Technology, etc. Indeed, as you know sustainable luxury is the indulgence of the senses. The GAC advises us not only on the reputation quotient of the SPD, but the members will also be a part of the screening processes as well as the visitors. The Advisory Council might be reshuffled after every three years.

What is the role of #PashminaGoatProject ?

Pashmina Goat Project is a Social Enterprise which has a team of young minds working under the leadership and vision of Dr. Henna and Dr. Babar Afzal to build and take this event across the world. It is the events division of the project which will handle and execute the event across the different cities in India and abroad through its teams and partner networks.

How is SPD different from any other Pashmina Event ?

The Sustainable Pashmina Dialogue (SPD) is one of its kind event series in it’s segment. It is a global event series to be held in multiple countries. A Sustainability Focused Pashmina Event with such vast geographic coverage has never been planned. On such a huge platform, a wide assortment of sustainable luxury stakeholders of global repute shall be brought together ranging in various categories. The event comprises of a highly esteemed advisory council and personally invited guests, which makes it a perfect opportunity for networking and learning for changing the dynamics of a true and authentic sustainable luxury product and industry of Himalayas.

How will Attendance be Managed ?

SPD will showcase the power of the authentic Pashmina eco-system of Himalayas to a strictly-by-invitation audience during the full-day event that will exhibit masterpiece components of the shows to a highly discerning guest list from across the world. Attendance at SPD will be by invitation only. This will allow us to restrict access to the event towards a target market, relevant to our industry, and important to the success of the project. Many of the delegate invitations will be for VVIP’s, VIP’s and dignitaries representing the influencers, academicians, researchers, leaders, policymakers, ultra-affluent, royalty, diplomats, business leaders, etc. We will also be targeting a select list of celebrities to attend.

We would like to know when and when the event will be promoted ?

A social media campaign will be implemented for Indian Metros in the lead up to SPD (billboards, newspapers, magazines (wherever needed). Our media partner for the event will run advertisements and editorial in various editions, ones the date is announced. National Media partnerships will be announced shortly.

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